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Welcome, Universal Citizen!

Space Nation Spaceport

Your Membership Hub and Launchpad for Missions

Space Nation’s vision is to evolve humanity into thriving Universal Citizens on Earth, the Moon, Mars and Beyond

Explore new frontiers

through first-hand experiences with peers and guides

Expand your mind

with new insights, possibilities and perspectives

Evolve together 

in a safe place to get uncomfortable

Become a Member

As a Space Nation member you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A free Launch Mission (valued at $197)
  • Pre-virtual Mission materials with videos, quizzes, and insights
  • Monthly "Captain's Quarters" video calls with Space Nation crew, peers, and special guests
  • Special monthly live events with pioneers such as astronauts
  • Weekly development polls and questions to help Space Nation design the best missions for your needs, along with special testing and ideation events
  • Special themed content, member forums, and discussions that help you grow
  • 20% discount on all Space Nation Missions and Events
  • Digital Member Badge
  • More to come! We are constantly developing the membership program and will add plenty of new perks for you during your first year as a member

Please note that not all membership benefits are currently available but are planned for roll-out during the remainder of 2020 and Spring 2021.

“Don’t miss out! Space Nation gave me direct access to experts and challenged my thinking about what it will take to live in space - both the skills and the mindset.”

Mission Participant, June 2020

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your commitment to be part of Space Nation's community of members who better themselves and promote unity as humanity expands into a space civilization. Your active involvement benefits all members and brings us together for a common purpose.

More about Space Nation at Spacenation.org

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